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New Functional Fitness Space at the Downtown Y


We are excited to announce that the turf is installed and we are ready to invite members to our new Functional Fitness space at the Downtown Y! This area introduces innovative training options to be incorporated into your fitness routine.

The Functional Fitness space is to be used as active space

The purpose of this area is to enhance your training with:
• Functional Athletic Training Exercises
• Mobility and Agility Exercises
• Circuit Training
• Sprints

The Functional Fitness Space is designed for you to:
• Use a battle rope for exercises
• Do pull-ups
• Use medicine ball targets for strength and athletic conditioning
• Hang from or traverse the monkey bars to help with endurance and strength
• Do muscle ups training         
• Do athletic exercises

Access to the Functional Fitness space is included with your Y membership. For more information, please visit the Downtown Y membership desk.