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Welcoming Syrian Refugees to Ottawa

The civil war in Syria has led to one of the most serious humanitarian crises of our time. There are now more than 4 million Syrian refugees living in neighbouring countries with nowhere to call home.

The Government of Canada has committed to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees through a combination of government, private, and blended sponsorship routes. Our Y is proud to take an active role in supporting refugees who are settling in the National Capital Region. Read our Special report: Building Community for Syrian Refugees

In addition, by working in partnership with Refugee 613, a non-partisan project that provides information on local and global refugee efforts and inspires others to step up for refugee relief, we work alongside local citizens, organizations, and agencies to best serve those in need. Learn more about Refugee 613 >

We play a vital role in welcoming and settling refugees from many countries, and these services are part of the services available to Syrian refugees:

Newcomer Information Centre
The Y’s Newcomer Information Centre is a first stop for all newcomers to Canada that provides free information and referral services to new Canadians so they are able to settle into a new life in Ottawa. Learn more about the Newcomer Information Centre >

Employment Access Centres
Newcomers are eager to find a way to provide for their families with a new job, or by continuing their previous career. The Y’s Employment Access Centres offer comprehensive employment and training resources and support to help with securing sustainable employment. Our services are open to all and there is no fee to participate. Learn more about the Employment Access Centres >

Language Assessment and Referral Centres
Language Assessment and Referral Centre can help immigrants improve their French and English skills by providing information and referrals for English or French language assessments for government-funded programs. Our services are offered at no cost to eligible clients. Learn more about the Language Assessment and Referral Centres >