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Playing to Learn

YMCA Playing to Learn Boosts Children’s’ Learning Potential

“YMCA Playing to Learn combines three decades of experience in child care delivery, with the latest body of knowledge on how the brain develops and how children learn.”

We all know kids love to play. But did you know they also learn while they play? We have learned that kids at play are already building the foundation for major life skills, including language, literacy, mathematics, science, technology and the arts. Playtime experiences are an important way to understand how children learn, and how we can help them learn more effectively.

To support this, the YMCA Playing To Learn curriculum was developed.  By observing the children, our experienced Early Childhood Educators gain insight into how your child learns while acknowledging and recognizing the interests of the children within the program. They are then able to plan a dynamic array of activities using play as a way to teach.

Our curriculum encompasses all areas of your child’s development including physical, emotional, social, and cognitive abilities.  The ECE’s within the programs will then adapt the curriculum to meet the individual needs of your child.  As the programs are based upon the children’s interests your child will have the opportunity to help shape their overall learning experiences and their days here at the Y.

Our teachers benefit from a unique training program that provides training on the latest educational tools and approaches. YMCA Playing to Learn gives our Early Childhood Educators a framework to continually improve their professional knowledge and development though formal training and on-site mentoring.

The YMCA Playing to Learn curriculum is approved by the Ministry of Education and is applied in Y’s across Canada.  Our program is recognized as a leading approach to instilling a strong educational ethic in children and is regularly cited for its unique and innovative involvement of educators and children in an enriched learning environment.
For more information, please download our Playing to Learn brochure.

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