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Second Stage Youth Housing Program

Second Stage Housing is a supportive transitional housing program for youth who are no longer able to live at home and need some assistance as they move towards independence. The program provides safe, supportive housing and life-skills programs for youth currently involved in a fulltime combination of school, training, treatment or employment.

During their stay, with the support of a Second Stage worker, youth will develop an individual goal plan which identifies strengths, challenges and ways to achieve success. The plan is reviewed regularly to celebrate progress and to address the barriers encountered on the way to achieving successful independent living.

While in the program youth will participate in regular group and individual life-skills workshops. The workshops are intended to be interesting, fun and informative. Sessions are delivered mostly in a group format to provide the opportunity to socialize and promote a mutually supportive and respectful living environment for residents.

Youth in the program must be able to pay the program fee and cover the cost of personal needs such as food, transportation, bedding and toiletries. Program fees are set at the maximum shelter allowance rate for social assistance recipients to ensure the program remains affordable.

To participate:

  • Youth must be between the ages of 16-21
  • Involved in school, work, treatment, other programs or a combination of agreed upon programs
  • Willing to accept the residency guidelines, including following a case plan, and attending life skills groups
  • Must be motivated to work with Second Stage Housing staff on an individual goal plan
  • Have demonstrated a respect for property and personal living space
  • Able to provide proof of income

Youth are referred to Second Stage Housing by other youth, families, schools, health and social service agencies.  To access the program:
  1. Submit an application to the Y Youth Support Worker, which may be done in person, by email or fax.
  2. If eligible, an assessment interview is arranged. The youth will have the opportunity to obtain more information about the program.
  3. Once references have been contacted, the youth will be informed of the decision regarding their entry into the program - usually within four business days. As space is limited, there may be a need for the youth to remain on a waiting list.

Contact Information: Call 613-237-1320 ext. 2578 or email us at for more information.

Funded in partnership with:

Locations offering this program
Taggart Family Y