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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What amount can I put on a gift card?
You can put any amount on your gift card over $5.

2. Where can I purchase a gift card?
You can purchase a gift card at all Y fitness centres in the National Capital Region as well as at our Camp office in Dunrobin, ON.

3. Do I have to use my gift card in a single transaction?
No. You can use a partial amount or the whole amount on your card. The balance will be available on your account for your next purchase.

4. How long is my gift card valid?
The gift card remains valid for as long as there is a balance on it.

5. How do I use my gift card?
To get started using your card you must register your gift card by contacting your local Y Fitness Centre or our Camp Office in Dunrobin. We will need the bar code number on your gift card, along with the personal details of the person who wishes to spend it, in order to set up an account. 

6. How can I find out the balance on my gift card?
Once your card is registered, your balance can be viewed through your online Y account profile (under the Accounts, Credit Notes section). If the card is not yet registered, you can contact your local Y with the bar code number.

7. Where is my gift card valid?
Your card is valid at all Y fitness centres in the National Capital region and at the Y camp office.

8. What services is my gift card valid for?
You can use your gift card for most* services offered by the Y in the National Capital Region:

• Y membership fees
• Health and fitness programs
• Personal training sessions
• Swim lessons
• PA day, Holiday and March break Camps
• Summer camps (Neighbourhood Day Camp, Camp Otonabee – day and overnight camps)
• Towel service
• Playcare (child minding) services
• Y Kids Club (before and after school child care)
• Locker rental

*Exemptions: Your gift card is currently not valid for:

• Licensed child care services
• Housing/Y Residence services
• Parking
• Food/beverages
• Employment, Language, or Newcomer Centre services
• Any services provided by a business or organization operated by or for a third party at the YMCA-YWCA of the National Capital Region

9. What if I lose my gift card?
Once your gift card has been registered, the balance is moved to your account and the gift card itself has no further value. If the gift card is not registered, it may not be possible to replace it in the event of loss, theft or damage.

10. What happens if I decide to cancel a purchase made with the card?
According to the cancellation policy in effect at the time the service or merchandise was purchased, the amount will be credited, if applicable, to the account your gift card is registered to.

11. What should I do with my gift card after spending the entire amount?
Keep your card in case you would like to add more money to it in the future. If you have not kept your card, a new one can be issued.