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Destination Employment

The Destination Employment Project provides newcomers to Canada with the support, services, and hospitality skills training required to find employment and have a successful future working in Canadian hotels. There is no cost to participate.

Program includes:
• Support to earn industry-recognized  certificates such as:
- Smart Serve
- Food Safety
- Service Excellence
- Emerit Workplace Essentials (WOE)

• Education and support to find employment or placement opportunities within the Hospitality sector
• Effective job-search training
• Opportunity to network with regional and local employers
• Access to language training through duration of course and placement

Participants must be:
• A permanent resident of Canada residing in Canada; or
• A Protected Person and/or Convention Refugee with a valid work permit, residing in Canada
• Committed to attend classes on a full-time basis for 5 weeks
• Completed Language Assessment 

For more information please contact: or 613-688-2150

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Locations offering this program
Employment, Enterprise and Newcomer Services