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Youth Teambuilding and Leadership
Great for Day Programs! Also ideal for high school classes and groups, university groups, sport teams, and community organizations. 

This program option explores how groups develop and interact. Your one day or multi-day program consists of a series of fun, exciting and challenging activities that are designed to promote cooperation, communication, adaptation and trust. Groups meet both physical and intellectual challenges that are designed to stimulate an approach that values the abilities of each individual, but relies upon the interaction of the group for successful completion.

The activities take place both indoors and out, and provide opportunities for group members to:

• Solve problems as a group
• Get to know the unknown/unfamiliar strengths of oneself and others
• Communicate and adapt in unfamiliar situations and surroundings
• Rely on and trust one another in order to be successful in the challenges
• Resolve potential conflict positively and productively
• Test, confront and surpass perceived limitations
• Accomplish tasks that initially seem unachievable

The Instructor then takes the skills learned and applies these skills to "real life" situations back at work, school or on the rink, field or court. All activities are debriefed during a conversation facilitated by our trained program staff, but driven by your group members.
Challenge by Choice:  During all activities, individual participants are in complete control of their own level of involvement. Although participants might be gently encouraged to challenge themselves, we do not believe in persuading participants. Those who choose to participate to a lesser extent will discover that there are many other roles to play, regardless of level of physical involvement.
Customized Activities and Programs for your Group
A schedule will be created working with the Outdoor Centre Director to meet the specific goals and needs of your group. Below are some possible program options.
Group games
A series of non traditional group games are use to help groups “break the ice” and challenge those barriers to communication and cooperation. This is an introductory activity that will help to get the blood flowing and the laughter started.
Initiative tasks
A series of challenges designed to explore the group’s ability to communicate and work together. Through these initiative tasks facilitators are able to make suggestions and promote cooperation, communication and inclusiveness.
Low Ropes
Our low ropes challenge courses are designed to take team building to the next level. By increasing the risk and reward groups are met with greater adversity while attempting to complete challenges on one of our courses. Drawing on the communication, cooperation, support and inclusive principles that have begun to develop through other activities, participants work through a progressive set of tasks and challenges that will bring out the full potential of the group. 
Theory Workshop
Groups can request a theory-based workshop that discusses principles of leadership such as: positive role modeling, effective communication through purposeful talk, teaching vs. facilitating and behaviour management. These workshops are excellent for youth leaders who are ready to start working in leadership roles with children.    
High Ropes
Our high ropes challenge course currently includes three dynamic and one static pod. Each is designed with a different objective in mind and can be facilitated for participants 8 years old and up. High ropes challenge elements are a great way to reinforce teamwork and cooperation as they require groups of two to four people to work together in order to successfully complete the challenge. Our high ropes courses and rock climbing walls meet and exceed all OPHEA guidelines and are constructed and certified under the strict guidelines of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT).
Rock Climbing
The BYOC climbing wall offers a challenge for individuals of varying skill levels. Set on a dynamic belay system the climbing wall does not require any previous rock climbing experience and proves to be an exciting, and enjoyable activity for students and adults. Our high ropes courses and rock climbing walls meet all OPHEA guidelines and are constructed and certified under the strict guidelines of theAssociation for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT).

If you're interested in booking our facilitiy, please fill out our online booking form. We'll be in touch after reviewing your needs. You can also call us at the number below. Thank You!

1620 Sixth Line Road, RR #1
Durobin, ON K0A 1T0
Tel: 613.832.1234

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