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Adult Swim Lessons

Whether upgrading skills or a first time swimmer, YMCA-YWCA adult swim lessons use a variety of adult learning principles to structure the program to meet the individual needs of each swimmer.
  • Adult Level 1 - Learn to Swim
    Learn the basic skills to be comfortable in the water. You will learn how to float with and without assistance. Participants will become comfortable entering and exiting the water and learn the skills needed for stroke development such as breathing techniques and surface support.
  • Adult Level 2 - Swimming Strokes and Skills
    Improve your swimming strokes and build on your skills you learnt in the beginner level. These classes include front and back crawl, breaststroke introduction, and treading water.
  • Adult Level 3 - Stroke Correction and Improvement
    This level is perfect for those interested in more than just the basics.  Participants build endurance while developing and fine tuning their swimming strokes. Must be able to swim 50 meters continuously and be comfortable in deep water.
For a complete listing of our aquatics programs and schedules, download our Health, Fitness and Recreation Program Guide.

Locations offering this program
Clarence-Rockland Y 
Ruddy Family Y 
Taggart Family Y