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Immigrants in Trades Awareness Program

The Immigrants in Trades Awareness Program (ITAP) is an outreach program to promote the skilled trades as a viable career for immigrants and newcomers. The project is working to build awareness, resources and capacity of service providers to help newcomers navigate pathways to employment in the skilled trades in Ontario. ITAP is funded by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.

What are the skilled trades?
The skilled trades in Ontario are jobs which are very “hands-on” and that are learned through an apprenticeship. This means that  skills of the job are learned while working. There are 4 sectors of skilled trades in Ontario, each with diverse career opportunities: construction, motive power, industrial, and service.

For more information about the skilled trades and regulations in Ontario, visit the website of the Ontario College of Trades.

Why choose the skilled trades?
Skilled trades are highly respected career choices. Skilled tradespersons in Ontario and Canada are generally well paid, have good job security and have opportunities for career advancement. Tradespeople can work for large or small companies, work as part of a union, or can even be self-employed. This means that there are opportunities for employees as well as entrepreneurs in the trades.

Many skilled tradespeople in Ontario are older and will retire in the next 10 to 15 years. As a result, there will be a lot of employment opportunities for skilled tradespeople in the next few years. Skilled tradespeople are already in high demand, and with the older generation set to retire, the demand for skilled tradespeople will only increase.
Community Outreach
The Immigrants in Trades Awareness Program is working with service providers to increase knowledge of skilled trades’ opportunities and pathways. Please contact ITAP at  if you would like to arrange to have a presentation.


View trades lists for each sector below. Click on each trade to find the relevant trade factsheet. The YMCA-YWCA Trades Factsheets provide labour market information, a task breakdown and shows you what essential skills and certifications are needed for the job.  

Introduction to the Skilled Trades: To get more information about skilled trades in Ontario.

Apprenticeship Flowchart: One pathway to become a Journeyperson is a formal apprenticeship. Review the Apprenticeship Flowchart to see the steps to complete a formal apprenticeship.

Considering an Apprenticeship Package: To get more information about apprenticeship.

TEA Flowcharts:  If you have experience in the trades and want to become a Journeyperson you can complete a Trade Equivalency Assessment (TEA). Review the TEA Flowchart to become familiar with the steps to complete a TEA pathway.
Employer Incentive Flowcharts: This is the employer guide to sponsor an apprentice; it shows the steps and the financial incentives.

For more information about the Immigrants in Trades Awareness Program, please contact:

Immigrants in Trades Awareness Program
180 Argyle Ave., 4th Floor
Ottawa, ON K2P 1B7


The Immigrants in Trades Awareness Program is funded by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration

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