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BYOEC Rates and Fees


Meals and Lodging fees
May - September
October – April
Cabin rentals
$14 per person
$16 per person
$8 per person
$8 per person
$7 per person
$7 per person
$9 per person
$9 per person

 *Note: Teachers coming with school groups are given a 50% discount on all cabin rentals
Building and Room rentals
Hourly Rate
Daily Rate  
Gordon Currie Chalet
Vail Building
Meeting Space (100 people)
Meeting room (30 people)
Full Site Rental (100 or less)
Full Site Rental (101 – 400)
*Note: the kitchen is not available for use or rent by any group or organization.
*Note: the cost of exclusive use of site is negotiated by season and dependent on availability.
Program fees
1/2 Day (4 Hours or less)
$16 per participant
1 Day (Up to 8 hours)
$20-$25 per participant
Evening (Extended Day Prog.)
$8 per participant
*Note: the fee for evening program is only applicable if it is in addition to a full day of program.
*Note: only participants pay for program. Teachers, coaches, leaders and volunteers who are not participating will not be charged the programming fee.

How to estimate your fees:

Multiply the number of participants that will be attending by the per night fee; now multiply that number by the number of nights you wish to stay.

Multiply the number of participants by the appropriate program fee (full, ½ day, extended); now multiply that number by the number of days you wish to receive programming.
Multiply the number of participants by the appropriate number of meals you wish to receive.

Please note that room, building and site rental fees are only applicable to groups who will not be receiving programming.  Groups paying for programming will be given adequate space for their group while visiting the BYOC.
Add the totals of each of the above costs and multiply that total by 1.13 in order to account for HST.

Please note that this will be an estimate only and actual costs can only be determined by submitting your booking request form.

The average per person cost for a 1 night 2 day visit is $84 + HST; the average per person cost for a 2 night 3 day visit is $145 + HST.
If you have any questions or require further information about booking a visit at the Bonnenfant Y Outdoor Education and Leadership Centre please call the office at 613-832-1234.

We look forward to working with you!